EXPERIENCE:       29 years practicing in all courts in Washington, State District, State Superior, and Federal District. 


   MR. Edelblute has successfully settled or tried numerous lawsuits or claims in these areas:

     Successful recovery of real estate or the value thereof for elderly persons exploited by relatives.

     Successful recovery of assets back into estates, and successful defense of similar claims. (TEDRA suits.) 

     Consumer Protection Act claims.

     Wrongful Termination from Employment/Employment discrimination.  Several recent settlements in this area for over a year's salary. 

     Unemployment compensation appeals:  High success rate both at the administrative hearing level, and in Superior Court.
    Civil suits for crime victims. 


    Appeals:  Mr. Edelblute has obtained over 80 reversals in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Washington of decisions in criminal cases, usually in cases tried by other attorneys,  often on constitutional issues of which the trial court judge and trial attorneys were not aware, meaning on issues not even raised in the trial court. Success rate is 40 to 50 percent, very high for cases that have already gone through a jury in Superior Court. See, for example, 
State v. DeVries, 149 Wn.2d 842,
72 P.3d 748 (2003), for one of Mr. Edelblute's Supreme Court wins.                                                         

   Trials:   Mr. Edelblute has tried approximately 80 jury trials in criminal cases.   The last five jury trials have resulted in four complete acquittals, and one partial acquittal.

  DUIs:  Includes deferred prosecutions for those in need of treatment.  Recent education on marijuana based DUIs in light of the new THC legal standard, of 5 nanograms. 

  Domestic Violence.  First time offenders may be eligible for a Stipulated Order of Continuance to defer the charge.