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William Edelblute Attorney at Law PLLC is one of the most experienced attorneys in the Tri-City area. We are dedicated to defending the rights of our clients whether in employment or family law concerns.

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Attorney-at-law William Edelblute helps clients navigate through a complex legal system by providing personalized, high-quality legal services. We specialize in a wide range of cases involving employment law, civil litigation, family law, elder law, divorce law, and appeals.

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Our morals and ethics stand as our guide through every case. We take pride in our commitment to always put our clients first and uphold the highest standards for attorneys-at-law.

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Our firm is located in Kennewick, WA but we offer our legal services in the entire Tri-City area of the Washington State. 

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“Bill did a great job of representing multiple clients in our neighborhood in a complicated case. He was capable, personable, and stuck with us through Superior Court and again through the Appeals Court. He built a solid argument and continued to improve upon it. He considered the input of multiple clients and formed that into a cohesive case that clearly convinced the Judge in Superior Court, and three Judges in the Appeals Court. Thank you Bill.”


“Bill Edelblute helped us on two different occasions: with our daughter’s adoption and a real estate issue. In both situations, Bill provided awesome legal advice. Because of two outstanding results, I highly recommend him. If you are looking for a competent lawyer, don’t look any further. Mr. Edelblute is the man to see! Thank you Bill for being an ethical, competent lawyer who gets the job done.”


“Wonderful attorney. Gets the job done, always available when you need him. Knowledgeable, helpful, kind and understanding. I couldn't have asked for better representation! He will do what it takes to win your case. Mr. Edelblute truly cares about the clients he represents and he will work hard for you. Great attorney. I highly recommend Bill Edelblute!”


“Mr. Edelblute is tenacious and knowledgeable. He really exceeded my expectations.”


“After heavy snow damage this winter, my homeowner's insurance company completely denied my claim. I retained Mr. Edeblute, and within a week had policy limits on the table from the insurance company, plus the attorney fees!”


“I hired William Edelblute to help me with a property line problem. He gave me sound advice, wrote the required letter to the property owner promptly and the dispute was solved without expensive litigation. I was very pleased and would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone.”